Rigorously selected ingredients, mixed with passion, dedication and desire to excel. From the sublime Panettone to the smallest chocolate gems, every creation is a promise of quality.

Cakes & Pastries

Tradition and innovation combine every day when recipes passed down over the years are masterfully put in practice by our pastry Chefs to prepare beloved classic cakes, biscuits, delicate cream-filled pastries and succulent fruit tarts.
Superb taste, refined presentation
As an individual portion or in generous servings to be shared amongst friends and family, indulge for a superior delicacy: all desserts are prepared with special attention even to the smallest detail and presented in unique Cova style. A piece of wonder can come back home with you. 

Finest Chocolates

Savor the precious pralines coming from the mixture of fruit, caramelized sugar, cocoa powder and coffee. You will be surprised by the softest sweet fillings evoking familiar tastes and aromas from past times. Enjoy our gianduiotti, boules, chocolate creams and crispy sweets graciously wrapped one by one.

Coffees & Teas

A quick but impeccable espresso or an indulgent afternoon-tea pause: the quest for perfection to offer coffees and teas that deeply delight is one of our values. Cova’s iconic coffee is a blend of seven single-origin beans, air-roasted by hand while the exotic gardens of Asia and India offer the precious tea leaves, minutely selected by Cova for its guests.

Festivity Collection

Cova exquisite art of pastry making come at the service of the convivial art of dining and celebrating together and heavenly festivity creations come to life. A secret recipe practiced as a sacred ritual by experienced hands. Christmas iconic cake, Panettone is the quintessential symbol of Cova delights. Made by hand with superior quality natural ingredients, this traditional Milanese delicacy, wrapped in golden paper and decorated with silk ribbons is available throughout the year.
Easter Dove Cake and Eggs
Sweet icon of tradition, the Easter Dove Cake is the result of the selection of raw materials and unrevealed processes that respect the times of long leavening. Entirely realized by hand, our artisanal chocolate eggs are unique pieces of delight. The cocoa cru are mixed with cocoa butter, sugar, milk and vanilla, in a processing cycle guarded as “secret of goodness”.

Classic Gifts

Panettone, chocolates, pralines and gianduiotti, the best of our refined and elegant craftsmanship dress for occasions. Every distinctive hamper, gift box and basket is a treasure chest of exquisite creations, filled with specially chosen luxuries for every occasion. Each gift becomes unique and each box is a small piece of art.


Oenology jewels are an essential accompaniment to the superlative savor of the dining room’s cuisine. In our wine cellars the most important wine houses from Italy and abroad are displayed. Red, white, rosé, dessert wines, spumanti of exceptional labels, vintage champagnes and precious spirit are the treasures that our great connoisseurs select for our guests.

Cova labels and Covino

Year after year, we have selected the best wine producers all over Italy, creating a Cova label that is added to the original etiquette as symbol of guarantee and tradition. Covino is the spumante that deeply represents the very taste of Cova. A careful selection of Pinot and Chardonnay grapes contrive to produce a harmonious, well-balanced wine and a must as an aperitif.

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